Your focussed and flexible IT services partner...

Eishasoft., is a multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm specializing in providing full range of customized services to the life sciences industry. Our approach is to have open and direct communications with our clients, which allows us to get a real understanding of our clients' requirements. Our comprehensive range of services include:

Web based clinical trial management integrates your departments and systems into one trial management tool. Project management, data management, safety, regulatory, statistics and document management can work from a single source of information.

Contract positions can last one day, one month, one year or indefinitely. You pay only for the hours our technical contractor works. You will receive weekly invoices, itemized for project cost accounting. When the work is complete, you can assign our contractor new projects, request another person for other projects or send the contractor back to Eishasoft., for reassignment.

With contract positions, you control your costs. You pay only for the expertise you need. And, you get the special skills you need without paying for training. Our contractors can be immediately productive because they know your technology.

Contract-to-hire positions are an excellent vehicle for you to evaluate job performance before making a hiring decision -- so you always get the right people.

Contract-to-hire is a powerful option because it's budget friendly -- no up-front money is required. It includes an extended effective guarantee, lets you evaluate on-the-job performance and gives you the ability to convert our contract employee to your payroll.

Direct-hire positions offer the flexibility of fee-contingent by the same people who understand your personnel and business needs. Your Eishasoft., recruiter is adept at finding the most in-demand technical professionals for your full-time positions. We fully guarantee our direct-hire services. We have candidates that are not in the public job-seeker databases community. We know who is the right person for your direct position.